Human Resources Consulting &
Business Development

Our method

Analysis, planning, realisation. We draw up well-conceived plans based on robust analysis and provide practical support during their implementation.

Supporting the business. The media are full of reports about the latest trends, management styles and instruments. While it is important to be aware of the latest developments, they are not an end in themselves. Their real objective should be to support the actual business of a specific company. Only then do management instruments and processes have a purpose, and only then do they make a positive impact.

Doing justice to the human factor. Human resources usually represent the biggest single cost factor and the sole source of value-added for a company. If this factor is neglected when decisions are being made – or not given equal weighting with other factors and resources – companies will not be able to meet challenges and achieve their goals. The more our economy becomes a “people economy” the more “people management” becomes a crucial success factor.

Thinking and acting in an interdisciplinary manner. Challenges and solutions are rarely one-sided – seldom related just to technical, economic, psychological or other factors. In the real world, all these aspects are involved, and it is important to identify and focus on those that predominate in a particular situation. They have to be interlinked without prejudice as part of an interdisciplinary approach.

Strategy for People - Internationale Unternehmensberatung