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The Thinkhouse – a place for generating new ideas

All our consultants are experienced practitioners with accumulated expertise from many years’ of successfully handling leadership, management and project responsibilities. But it would not be enough just to serve up our past experience to our customers. We are not afraid of theory – and can provide a bridge between it and the day-to-day practical realities in your company. We constantly question the value-added offered by current HR instruments - even our own. We systematically seek an interdisciplinary exchange, looking for new ideas from the research world and keeping an eye out for signs of new challenges on the horizon.

We do this is in our “Strategy for People Thinkhouse” - a retreat located in Stubenberg, north east of Munich on the river Inn, where we go to be inspired by critical dialogue with clients, partners, progressive thinkers and others. The results are incorporated into our day-to-day work, our presentations and our ideas. And we also make them available to you - in the form of our “Thinkhouse Results“.

Thinkhouse - Strategy for People - International Consulting Services

Thinkhouse - Strategy for People - International Consulting Services

Edition Thinkhouse Results

Strategy for People - Internationale Unternehmensberatung